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Stop guessing how to scale your agency!

Get access to everything I am doing inside my agency to grow to over $50,000 per month.

Get personalized help with...

How to scale your business

How to build your agency site

How to find clients

How to increase prices

How to complete a client project

How to increase your revenue with monthly services

How to get better results for your clients

How to price your services

How to hire and build a team

Plus, get an inside looks into my agency and how you can duplicate my processes to grow your agency.

How I price my SEO services to make more every month

Monthly reporting that makes your clients want to keep you forever

How I get quick wins for my clients to keep them happy

How to help client's get tons of Google reviews

How to effectively land new SEO and web design clients

The best SEO tools and resources to guarantee your success

Chris Thomas
Payton really walks you through his process and lets you in on the possible mistakes you're making. Worth the investment for sure!
Tyler Biswell
Payton came in and threw me a life jacket when I was drowning. I was in over my head with all the possibilities or routes that I could take but Payton showed me a direction that made my business net positive in just the first month! I am forever grateful.

Don't make the same mistake that I did...

Early on, I was afraid to invest in my business...

Why invest $1,000 into a business that doesn't even make that much in a month?

So, I chose to do it all on my own to keep costs low.

Big mistake.

The problem with this is It took me 10X longer to grow my business. I was throwing darts in the dark without any direction or guarantee that my efforts would pay off.

Looking back, this was the worst thing I could have done.

If you are only making $1k/mo (or even $10k/mo), now is the time to invest in yourself and your business.

If you choose to join this coaching opportunity, I won't hold anything back. I will share all my resources, my lessons learned, my client projects, EVERYTHING.

And to be honest, this isn't a big money-maker for me. In fact, this gives me a lower ROI than any other part of my business.

But I want to give you as much as I can to help YOU avoid the mistakes that I made and find YOUR success faster than I did!

I promise to provide 3X more value than you pay me for these calls.

You won't walk away disappointed. 👊

1 Hour coaching call
One Time Payment

This is a one-hour coaching call for those that have a handful of questions/concerns to which they need answers.

two 1 hour coaching calls
One Time Payment

This is a 2-part coaching program for those needing more attention and assistance.

These calls are broken down into an initial teaching session followed by an accountability session.

With every call you will also get...

Recording of the call
Email with a full call recap
Any resources from the call
Future discounts and resources
Discounted future calls
Agency clonable site template (Webflow)
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"I just landed my first ever $10k website project with an SEO campaign! I'm confident in my design abilities and thanks to this course, gaining confidence in SEO!"
After 20+ reviews