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A beautiful site ✨ is worthless without traffic 🚷

In this course you will learn to get insane amounts of traffic just like this:

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How I price my SEO services to make more every month

Monthly reporting that makes your clients want to keep you forever

How I get quick wins for my clients to keep them happy

How to help client's get tons of Google reviews

How to effectively land new SEO and web design clients

The best SEO tools and resources to guarantee your success

What's inside the course?

Check out the full curriculum:

Understanding SEO

Let's learn the basics of SEO and how it works to generate traffic for your clients. This lesson will be perfect if you are starting with zero knowledge about SEO.

SEO Basics Explained?


Why Businesses Need SEO



SEO Tools

Get access to my list of SEO tools and exactly how to use them to get results for your clients.

My Current SEO Tech Stack



Additional SEO Tools



Awesome Tools To Run Your Agency



Local SEO

Learn the exact process I use to help my clients rank on Google on a local level.

Intro To Google My Business


The GMB Optimization Checklist



GMB Optimization Checklist

Step-By-Step Optimization



Local Citations


Google Reviews



Analytics and Tracking



Executing SEO

Learn the most important aspects of every SEO campaign and exactly how to execute them.


Website Audits



Keyword Research



Keyword Organizer Spreadsheet

Crawlability and Organization


Competitor Research


On-Page SEO




Content & Blogging






Monthly Client Reporting

Learn the most effective way to report to your clients each month that will keep them happy and eager to work with you for years to come.

Video SEO Reports


Anatomy of a Solid SEO Report


Prepare For Your Report



SEO Report Example




LIVE SEO Campaign in Webflow

Watch over my shoulder as I execute an SEO campaign on a live Webflow site.

Intro to The SEO Checklist




SEO Checklist Download

Month One


Month Two



Month Three


Month Four


Month Five


Month Six


Month Seven+



Launching Your SEO Agency

I'll show you how to setup your SEO business and give you essential resources needed to succeed.


Pricing Your Services



Structure and Timeline



New Bonus Module!

Finding SEO Clients

Learn some of the most effective ways to find and land new SEO clients.




Finding Your Very First Client



Up-Sells and Ad-Ons





Strategy Sessions



Reputation and Exposure


Content Marketing



Sales Calls



What our students say...

Both business owners and freelancers love our course!

When I started taking the course my mind was immediately BLOWN!

Payton broke down SEO in the simplest form I have ever seen and it made it really easy to understand. He gives away checklists and all his processes and it made SEO really attainable.

Michael Groff

Fitr Media

Payton came in and threw me a life jacket when I was drowning.

I was in over my head with all the possibilities or routes that I could take but this course showed me a direction that made my business net positive in just the first month! I am forever grateful.

Tyler Biswell

I just landed first ever $10k website project with an SEO campaign! I'm confident in my design abilities and thanks to this course, gaining confidence in SEO!

Grace Walker

I am working with a client and have been following the lessons/concepts learned in Payton’s SEO course. I’ve managed to get the client (HVAC services) to the first page of several search terms with just 3 months of work  🙌

Tanner Bryant

If you are thinking about buying Payton's course, BUY THAT SH**! Our agency was transformed 110%!"

Trevan Edwards

Since taking this course I have implemented SEO in my business and have 2 clients currently. Payton’s course has given me the confidence to provide SEO. Long story short - You’ll have everything you need to get started.

Joe Norris

Nozr Digital

This course is fair in price and very good in content. For local SEO especially it is a great place to start. Plus, Payton is an all around good guy.

Chad Simpson

via Facebook

About 2 months after taking the course I got a client for white-label SEO services.

Halfway through the campaign (3 months), I got the business the 2nd and 3rd spot on the 1st page of SERP for a money keyword. Cheers! 🍻

Elmer Cruz

via Facebook

Since finishing Payton's course 2 weeks ago, I've already booked 1 recurring SEO client. If you're serious and motivated, I can't recommend it enough.

Zach Trayner

I want to give a HUGE shoutout to Payton for helping to change my life. Thanks to you, I scaled my SEO agency to $52k /mo!

Newton Zeng

Payton really walks you through his process and lets you in on the possible mistakes you're making. Worth the investment for sure!

Chris Thomas

Plus get these bonuses... 🎁

Bonus #1
$97 value

6-Month SEO Campaign Checklist

Follow the step-by-step checklist that I use on my own SEO campaigns.

Bonus #2
$149 value

Finding and Closing SEO Clients: Bonus Module

Get our bonus module that teaches how to find SEO clients.

Bonus #3
$47 value

Freelance SEO Resources Bundle

Resources you need to offer SEO:

  • SEO pricing template

  • SEO proposal/contract templates

  • Monthly SEO report sample

100% risk-free, money-back guarantee

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Remember all refunds must be requested within 30-days of purchase.

Coming soon...

We have already begun work on SEO and Webflow 3.0 which will include new trainings on analytics, Google Business Profile and some other new strategies that are working wonders in our agency.

All 2.0 students automatically get access to these 3.0 updates!

This means you can join now and get all future updates as they come FOR FREE!

Stay tuned...

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