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Whether you're a brand new freelancer or a seasoned pro, this course will give you the tools to land more clients starting today!

You're a skilled web designer that can't find clients

because you have spent your career perfecting  your design skills, not your sales skills.

You don't like sales

and you hate being pushy or "salesy"

You can't generate good leads

and waste too much of your time on Instagram, LinkedIn, Upwork, and running ads.

Enough is enough.

That's why I'm giving you my entire sales blueprint

including sales scripts, cold call templates, website agreements, LIVE sales call recordings and more!

Start landing new clients every single month

and create a consistent income that you can rely on.

5X your income by landing more clients at higher rates

so you can stop selling $1,000 websites and start selling $20,000+ websites!

What's inside the course?

Before you start selling, we need to define your offer and package it up into an irresistable offer.

Dialing In Your Offer


Competor Analysis


Determining Your Client & Nice


Packaging Your Offer


Pricing Web Design Services



My Website Pricing Packages

Bulletproof Contracts



Contract Template

How To Get Paid


The hardest past is finding that first client with no past experience. In this module we will help you find the ideal first clients that will be low stress and get you the experience you need.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome


Paying Dues


Low-hanging Fruit Sales


Scrappy Sales


Playing The Numbers Game


"Where did you find your first client?"


The $500 Website


In this module we dive DEEP into the best ways to find web design leads. Inside we share real examples to help you get your name out there and attract big clients.


100 Killer Lead Gen Ideas For Designers


How To Drive Website Leads


Social Media Leads


Partnership Leads


Directory Leads & Freelance Marketplaces


Generate Leads Via Existing Clients


Generate Leads Via Content Creation


Generate Leads Via Marketing Materials


Improving Sales Skills To Find Leads


Additional Lead Gen Resources


In this module we help you improve your brand to create a message and reputation that makes you the #1 choice in your niche.

Intro To Building a Brand


Building Your Website



Agency Website Template (Webflow)

Crafting Your Sales Message


Leveraging Reputation and Client Success


Setting Yourself Apart


Agency Brand Example


Here I'll walk you through a successful sales call and show you how to communicate with warm and cold leads to turn them into paying clients.

Inbound vs. Outbound


How To Make Calls Easier


Cold Calling 101



Cold Call Script

Inbound Sales Calls



Inbound Call Script

Listen as I critique some of my recent sales calls. This module will be updated frequently.

LIVE Sales Call #1

LIVE Sales Call #2

More coming soon!

In this module I teach you the strategies, phrases, body language and closes you need to start closing great clients. These are the exact strategies I use to sell to clients!

How To Learn To Love Sales


How To Not Be "Salesy"


Para-verbal & Non-verbal Communication


My Go-to Power Phrases


Overcoming Objections



List Of Common Objections + Resolves

How To Use Sales Aces


Closing The Sale


RAC: Resolve. Ace. Close.


How To Follow-up (The Right Way)


Bonus Module

Once you start signing all these new clients, you need to know how to treat them right. In this module we will train you on managing clients and getting them results.

Kicking Off The Project


Managing Expectations




Website Revision Process


Delivering The Final Product (Connecting The Domain)


Ongoing Site Management


Managing Multiple Projects


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What our students say...

How I price my SEO services to make more every month

Monthly reporting that makes your clients want to keep you forever

How I get quick wins for my clients to keep them happy

How to help client's get tons of Google reviews

How to effectively land new SEO and web design clients

The best SEO tools and resources to guarantee your success

Zach Trayner
Payton's course will give you the confidence to sell to clients, and likely at a higher rate than you thought you would be able to charge. Since finishing Payton's course 2 weeks ago, I've already booked 3 websites and 1 recurring SEO client. If you're serious and motivated, I can't recommend it enough.
Tyler Biswell
Payton came in and threw me a life jacket when I was drowning. I was in over my head with all the possibilities or routes that I could take but Payton showed me a direction that made my business net positive in just the first month! I am forever grateful.

I finally did it. I sold a $75,000 website.

"I can't get anyone to pay more than a few hundred dollars..."

"In my country, everyone is cheap and won't pay that much..."

"They can just find someone else at a cheaper price than me..."

I hear these excuses all the time. It is WAY too easy to doubt yourself and your prices as a freelancer.

Most of the time we undervalue our work and we get underpaid and pushed around because of it.

The truth is... It's not the client's fault, it's our fault.

Whether we know it or not, we are the ones that set the value of our services.

The way we speak, the pitch of our voice, the speed at which we talk, and the words we say all determine how much the client will be wiling to pay.

That's why I made this course...

Before I was a freelancer, I worked as a door-to-door salesman. Between myself and my team, we did millions in revenue for our company.

When I left that job to become a full-time freelance web designer, I quickly found that it wasn't the most skilled designers who made the most money, it was the most skilled salesmen.

Not the most "pushy" ones...
Not the most "salesy" ones...

But those that trained their sales muscles consistently and know how to confidently and clearly explain the benefits of their services.

When I finally found a way to mix my sales skills, with my design skills and my personality, it was like I hit the jackpot! 💰💰💰

I went from selling $800 websites to selling a $75,000 website!

And the best part...

It didn't take cheap tricks or sleazy sales tactics, all it required was me taking the time to learn the words that worked the best to influence my prospects without scaring them away.

Things like voice inflections, tone and speed, memorizing resolutions to objections, and creating sales scripts that fit my personality.

In this course I give you everything I know that has helped me scale to over $600,000 in annual revenue!

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After 20+ reviews